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Common Questions & Answers related to Agricultural Labor Housing:

Q: Who must register agricultural labor housing?
A: If you provide housing for agricultural workers, please contact Oregon OSHA or refer to Division 4/J for registration requirements.
Q: If I am not required to register my housing, do the rules contained in Division 4/J still apply ? 
A: Yes, the rules contained in 4/J apply to all housing provided to workers.
Q: If my home is owned by a corporation and my family lives in it, must I register it as agricultural labor housing?
A: No, it would be treated as a private residence.
Q: How do I register agricultural labor housing?
A: Contact OR-OSHA's Consultative Services at least 45 days before occupancy to arrange for a no-cost pre-occupancy consultation.(Fill out and submit a registration application.)
Q: Is there any cost to register?
A: No.
Q: Is there a cost for a consultation.
A: No.
Q: What if I do not register?
A: There is a minimum $5,000 fine for unregistered agricultural labor housing.

Once housing is registered with OR-OSHA the operator will receive a certificate which must be displayed in a location frequented by employees. The operator of the agriculture labor housing must also provide and display a translation of the certificate in the language or languages used to communicate with the employees.  

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