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January 16, 2012

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Reporting overnight hospitalizations and fatalities

If you're an employer, don't forget that you must call Oregon OSHA to report any work-related incidents that cause overnight hospitalizations or fatalities — including heart attacks and motor vehicle accidents.

When do you need to call? Here's what you need to know:

Overnight hospitalizations – call within 24 hours: Report the overnight hospitalization of an employee within 24 hours of the incident. Only report overnight hospitalizations for medical treatment; do not report hospitalization for observation or for treatment in an emergency room.

Fatalities and catastrophes – call within eight hours: Report the death of any employee or a catastrophe (three or more employees admitted to a hospital) within eight hours of the incident or within eight hours after it has been reported to you.

Call 503-378-3272 or 800-922-2689 to report overnight hospitalizations, catastrophes, or fatalities.

Failure to report an incident within the given time limits can result in a penalty of at least $250. Remember, you must call Oregon OSHA; reporting an incident to your workers' compensation carrier does not fulfill the requirement.

Reporting an incident does not assign fault, does not prove the violation of an OSHA rule, and does not establish an employee's eligibility for workers' compensation or other benefits.

Oregon OSHA's fact sheet, Reporting work-related incidents, also includes a summary of these requirements.


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