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Fall protection

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Current rule activity

* Fall Protection for Construction Advisory Committee 10/30/15


Div 2, General Industry, Sub D

Walking-Working Surfaces

Div 2, General Industry, Sub I

Personal Protective Equipment

Div 3, Construction, Sub L


Div 3, Construction, Sub M

Fall Protection

Div 3, Construction, Sub R

Steel Erection

Div 4, Agriculture, Sub D

Work Surfaces

Div 4, Agriculture, Sub I

Protective Equipment

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Guardrails, stair railings, parapets 8/31/15

Fall Protection in Confined Spaces 10/9/12

Fall Protection chip trailers 1/26/12

Fall Protection During Building Maintenance 1/26/12

Fish Hatcheries 2/25/11

Climbing Rebar 2/26/09

Construction Activity -vs- Maintenance Work 7/14/08

Warning Lines 6/4/07

Fall protection while refueling vehicles 5/7/07

Distance from edge tie off question 8/16/02

Comparing prussik knots to mechanical grab devices 7/5/02

Fall Protection Requirements for Working on Cell Phone Towers 7/16/01

Body Belts in Aerial Lifts 9/1/00

Body harness vs. belts in Electrical Power Work 6/16/98

Rail Car Workers 11/13/97

Fall Protection in Electrical Power work 5/20/97

Catch platforms 11/18/96

Fall protection and return-to-work programs 6/17/96

Fall protection temporary and fixed work platforms 2/28/96

Program Directives

Fall Protection: Aerial Lifts Used in Construction 8/25/05

Fall Protection: General Industry 3/12/13

Fall Protection: Hoisting Employees during Communication Tower Work Activities 1/13/15

Focused Inspections In Construction 1/1/08

Guardrail Height in General Industry 8/25/05

Fact Sheets/Hazard Alerts/Technical Notes

Technical Note: Rescue descent equipment 5/10/96

Hazard Alert: Hazards of misusing wire form anchorage connectors for fall protection Federal OSHA 9/20/04

Hazard Alert: Gravity kills, be alert for fall hazards 6/13/06

Fact Sheet: Using Warning Lines: Construction Industry Best Practices 10/12/07

Fact Sheet: Tarping and fall protection - information for truckers 2/14/12

Fact Sheet: Standard railings for general industry workplaces 9/1/14

Fact Sheet: Fall protection trigger heights for the construction industry 10/16/15

Fact Sheet: Fall protection trigger heights for general industry 7/31/14

Checklists and Fill-in Forms

Elevated surfaces checklist

Floor and wall openings checklist


Publications | Education | Related | Video


Fall Protection for the Construction Industry 6/30/15

Fall Protection: Options for specialty contractors 6/15/06

Fall Protection: Safe practices for setting and bracing wood trusses and rafters 8/19/05

Fall Protection: Safe practices for setting floor joists, sheathing/decking, and constructing exterior walls 10/28/05

PPE hazard assessment quick guide 11/28/14

Fall Protection: Options for specialty contractors - Russian language 1/2/07

Fall Protection: Safe practices for setting and bracing wood trusses and rafters (Russian) 10/24/05

Protección Contra Caídas: Opciones para contratistas especializados 10/4/06

Protección Contra Caídas: Prácticas seguras para instalación de vigas en el piso, trabajos de revestimiento de cubiertas y construcción de paredes exteriores 4/3/06

Protección Contra Caídas: Prácticas Seguras para Instalar y Reforzar Armaduras de Cubierta y Cabios de Madera 8/19/05

Education and training

Online Courses / Current Workshops

All Class Materials

Fall protection Class Materials

Fall Protection Printable Online Course Material

Fall Protection Instructor Guide

Fall Protection Workbook

Slide Guards Printable Online Course Material

PESO: Bilingual training for employers with Hispanic workers

Additional training resources

Fall Protection online training course

Tools and resources

Fall distance educator

Fall Protection for Construction Advisory Committee

He was the greatest roofer I knew and look what happened - Video

Preventing Falls in Construction video

Video/DVD Library

Look for Fall protection videos on our Resource Center Website

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